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what I read, and what I don’t – Sunday, January 13 2008

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On Wednesday, Jan. 16 2008, I read, that a man who pleaded guilty Tuesday to ripping the head off a duck in the lobby of a St. Paul, Minn., hotel is not a horrible person. His attorney said: “He’s really a nice young man, he’s humble, he’s hard-working, he was a good student and worked hard to get the job he did,” said attorney Michael Colich. “Nobody’s been willing to look at what good things he’s done in his life and what good things he’ll do in his life.”

Ramsey County District Judge Margaret Marrina said it appeared Clark, 26, had “a substantial amount to drink” before the incident. He will be sentenced next month, the newspaper reported. Although attorney and the prosecution agreed on a sentence — no more than 45 days in jail, two years of probation, 40 hours of community service, a $500 fine, restitution and no pet ownership for two years [sic] — the judge will decide.

On Sunday, Jan. 13, 2008, I read, that “violence is a leading cause of death for Iraqi adults and was the main cause of death in men between the ages of 15 and 59 years during the first 3 years after the 2003 invasion.Although the estimated range is substantially lower than a recent survey-based estimate, it nonetheless points to a massive death toll, only one of the many health and human consequences of an ongoing humanitarian crisis.”

A large national household survey conducted by the Iraqi government and WHO estimates that 151 000 Iraqis died from violence between March 2003 and June 2006.

The study found that on average 128 Iraqis per day died of violent causes in the first year following the invasion and that the average daily violent death toll was 115 in the second year and 126 in the third year. More than half of the violent deaths occurred in Baghdad.

nota bene: “Some homes could not be visited because of high levels of insecurity and more people move residence in times of conflict. These factors were taken into account in the analysis as they may affect the accuracy of the survey work,” said Salih Mahdi Motlab Al-Hasanawi, Minister of Health of Iraq. “Nonetheless, the survey results indicate a massive death toll since the beginning of the conflict.”

That makes a cruel arithmetical average of  123,33 Iraqui lives per day for the first three years of what U.S. President George Bush called a job for US troops to render Iraq democratic and stable.

What I don’t read is,  that any judge were to decide, how many days in jail, how many years of probation, how many hours of community service, how big a fine, restitution a human life in Iraq is worth. And who of the Bush administration is going to be sentenced…

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