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what I read, and what I don’t – Monday, July 30 2007

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On Monday, July 30 2007, I read that the NYT criticizes Republican congressional leaders who have attacked the proposed expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), a bipartisan initiative that would increase the number of insured children from low-income families. Republican “leaders may be on message at the White House, where President Bush is foolishly threatening a veto,” but they they “seem way off message for the American public and even their own party caucuses,” the editors write …

What I don’t read is, that there are some 462.430 children were born with no medical insurance since the actual 110th Congress commenced work. The number is increasing by one child in less than one minute’s time 24/7.  Watch the clock at I don’t read either, that actually in 2006 overall 6,9 million minors did benefit from this biggest public health initiative since the Medicaid-Programme in the sixties.

On the same day I read, that the WaPo also criticizes Republicans for blocking efforts to boost the number of low-income children who receive health insurance. The editors note that while Republicans say they “want to concentrate on enrolling poor children” in health insurance programs, they “fail to provide enough money to do so effectively.” Do “House Republicans really want to be arguing for taking away health insurance from children who now have it?” the editors ask …  

What I don’t read is, that the Bush administration plans on 30 Mio. USD for the following 5 years, whereas the first 10 years did cost 40 Mio. USD, while deputies and experts estimate 50 Mio. USD necessary to maintain the momentary insurance situation. Convincing as those figures are for national economists, I want to hear one parent among deputies using them to argue against medical assistance for his own child.

Like the discussion were not about children’s access to necessary healthcare – we are not discussing subsidies to Ben&Jerry’s icecream production – I read that asthmatic children profiting from medical assistance regularly, are 70% less likely to have an attack and need 60% less medical consultations.

I read, that President Bush said he would veto the Schip expansion bill on “philosophical” grounds. That is scary. When did GWB put hands on philosophy, and “what kind of philosophy says that it’s O.K. to subsidize insurance companies, but not to provide health care to children?”, as NYT columnist Paul Krugman is asking. The way the president presented himself so far, makes the problem even more dangerous. What has he put hands on altogether, as he is hardly able to tell what philosophy is in fact?

Ironically enough, if Bush expresses his veto and his party offers even token support, it might be better for children benefiting from the programme as well as for those left outside. Democratic sweep in 2008 would be then even more likely, after all the Iraqui-war “successes” recently presented to the public; they would bring with them a mandate for serious reform — universal coverage, simplified reimbursement, first-dollar coverage for preventive and chronic care…


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September 12, 2007 at 2:35 pm

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