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what I read, and what I don’t – Tue, June 26 2007: False prediction causes panic in Nepal

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On Tuesday, June 25 2007, I read that charges of disturbing the peace have been filed in Nepal against a self-styled holy man who caused a panic by predicting a massive earthquake.

 I read, that Bishweshwor Chaudhari had his followers distribute thousands of pamphlets warning that 300,000 people would die in a quake in South Asia on June 22, The Times of London reported Monday.

His prophesy caused such alarm that the Nepalese government and council of astrologers had to issue formal denials.

When the day came and went without a tremor, angry residents stormed his house and demanded that Chaudhari be punished.

A former builder, Chaudhari moved to Nepal three years ago and set himself up as a holy man, The Times reported.

The predominantly Hindu nation, one of the poorest in the world, has many holy men who earn money by making prophesies, delivering blessings and selling questionable remedies, the newspaper said.

 What I don’t read is, that anyone did file any charge of disturbing peace against the self-styled holy men of the Bush administration. They too do earn money with shady political remedies, obscurantist prophesies and dubiuos blessings. But while in Nepal nothing really happened about the missed earthquake,  the prophesied weapons of mass distruction in Iraq did not only not surface, but Bush threw the whole area in a still contiuing warfare, and keeps waging war against the whole Muslim world for a prophesied clash of the cultures that so far did not happen to happen either.

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June 26, 2007 at 3:14 pm

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