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EU lawyers warn: concordats a danger to human rights

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Concordats help enforce Canon Law, the Vatican version of Sharia

Under Canon Law wifebeating is no ground for divorce: in fact, nothing is. Therefore if you’ve been married in a Catholic Church, which means under Canon Law, you may find that a concordat has deprived you of your right to a civil divorce. See Article 10 of the 1993 Polish concordat or Article 15 of the 1954 Dominican one which says explicitly: “Catholic marriage implies that the spouses waive their civil right to file for divorce”.

Other concordat clauses enforce Canon Law on the employees of Church-run insitutions, even though these are funded by the state. For example, Article 24 of the 1933 concordat with Hitler is used to this day to fire teachers in Catholic schools if they remarry after a civil divorce.

Through these intimidated Church employees, concordats can be used to enforce Canon Law on the general public. The Slovak “conscience concordat” would have prevented doctors in Church-run hospitals from performing abortions or nurses from giving out information about family planning, since it gave them the “right” to claim that this went against their religious conscience. And, of course, if they didn’t exercise this “right” to impose Canon Law on others, they’d lose their jobs. In a rural area where the only hospital may be Church-run, this can effectively limit access to what are in Slovakia perfectly legal services.

Concordats endanger human rights At this point legal experts appointed by the European Union put their foot down. They stated firmly that denying access to such services, Canon Law or no Canon Law, was a violation of international Human Rights

Prof. John M. Swomley, St. Paul School of Theology, Kansas City, Missouri:
A concordat is a pact between the Vatican and a nation-state whereby the Vatican gains certain political and financial benefits in return for support of a policy or arm of the national government. Such a concordat in a nation with numerous Catholics is also helpful in getting their allegiance or in curbing opposition to the government.” –

Concordats”, Catholic Encyclopaedia, 1913:
“…It were to be desired that the Church should never need concordats, and should always find in civil rulers devoted children….”



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June 2, 2007 at 2:04 pm

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