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“Urine Palace” and “The Two Penny Opera” – 12/13 May 2007 Berlin

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Deviant, twisted, stray, blasphemous, eccentric, particular and peculiar are the stories that are told by the Tiger Lillies. But first of all they are stories full of fantasy, poetry and magic. British humour at its blackest, an abstruse danse macabre celebrated in an unsavoury and comical freakshow telling about the dark side of life.

Filth, irony and yet always touching in every son – something between proletarian Liederabend and low life theater they have been presenting to the public in Eastern and Western Europe, U. S., Australia and Japan.

The Tiger Lillies are a three-piece band, based in London. Formed in 1989, they have toured world-wide and won acclaim with their opera Shockheaded Peter, the one that made me fall for them.

Their surreal style has been described as darkly humorous, Brechtian, gypsy cabaret, not to miss bestiality, prostitution and blasphemy, whence they are notorious for shocking unsuspecting audiences. In 1999 their work was featured in the film Plunkett & Macleane.

The Tiger Lillies were nominated for a Grammy award for their 2003 album The Gorey End, which was a collaboration of sorts with the writer/illustrator Edward Gorey and the Kronos Quartet.

Next to the breathtaking “Urine Palace” they also brought their “Two Penny Opera” to the scene of Berliner Ensemble.

I personally loved the unbrushed, acid-tongued concert more than the tame, meek and somewhat overblown orchestra version of the album Urine Palace.

Anyway, many thanks to the Tiger Lillies for two breathtaking evenings in Berlin …


Band members



  • 1994 – Births, Marriages And Deaths
  • 1995 – Spit Bucket
  • 1995 – Ad Nauseam
  • 1996 – Goodbye Great Nation – With Contrastate
  • 1996 – The Brothel To The Cemetery
  • 1997 – Farmyard Filth
  • 1998 – Low Life Lullabies
  • 1998 – Shockheaded Peter
  • 1999 – Bad Blood and Blasphemy
  • 2000 – Circus Songs
  • 2000 – Bouquet of Vegetables – The Early Years
  • 2001 – 2 Penny Opera
  • 2003 – The Sea
  • 2003 – The Gorey End (with Kronos Quartet)
  • 2003 – Live In Russia 2000-2001
  • 2004 – Punch and Judy
  • 2004 – Death and the Bible
  • 2005 – Huinya (with Leningrad)
  • 2006 – Die Weberischen
  • 2007 – Urine Palace


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