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42. a real, and much respected journalist 03.May. – 13:06

…The whole blog concept has kind of passed me by but even I can tell that’s impressive.

43. pharao632 03.May. – 13:35

there is no concept to it. no wonder, it did pass you. it is just a wild heap of info splinters that made my brain go at one moment… kind of an intellectual web tabloid, if i were to stick some label to what you call “concept” LOL

45. a real, and much respected journalist 03.May. – 16:01

As for blogs and concept, there is one thing about them that bothers me. Because I work for a newspaper and am paid for reading information and researching stories, I am always a little annoyed by triumphalist bloggers with nothing but contempt for the mainstream media, people who say that blogs are the future of news.

While there are a small number of bloggers who do original research and uncover hidden truths that rock the establishment (and manage to live off this in some way), most blogs are collations of information from the dreaded mainstream media. MSM stories written by someone paid to do so. Without the mainstream media producing the information, 95 per cent of blogs which present this information in new ways would not exist.

I know that blogs have a function in presenting information (reports, analyses) that would otherwise have gotten away, but still, without the old media, this new medium of blog is nothing whatsoever.

Anyway, it’s just something that prickles me and has prevented me embracing blogs. Plus, I read so much every day, I don’t any more things to read…

46. pharao632 03.May. – 17:53

ups.. hitting in a wasps nest i was :)) sorry, did not mean to denigrate classical media nor journalism at all. and, of course, i do not demand you have to read another blog. for this i have ways too much respect for someone who is really professing journalism in its classical understanding.

…to whom it may concern. I guess this is not the only, and much respected, journalist who might feel awkward about this blog scene. I herewith just want to make sure, that speaking of media in terms of ‘magic outlook’ on the world does neither refer to their obsoleteness nor the quality research of honest journalists. I quote U. Eco there while talking about media as a means ideological war mongering, not in the hand of journalists, but of the Murdochs and ruthless administrations of this world. And I do feel entitled by this, strictly personal, perspective even by the quoted study.

No text in this blog is intended to replace classical media, but to add to their quality information, be it background or opinion.




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May 3, 2007 at 6:09 pm

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