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what i read, and what i don’t… thu 26 april 2007: Vladimir Putin said that foreign money is stirring up strife in Russia

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Today, April 26 2007, I read that Russian President Vladimir Putin said that foreign money is stirring up strife in Russia and proposed cracking down on “extremist actions.”

“Let’s face it, not everyone is pleased with our country’s stable, ongoing development,” Putin said in his annual State of the Nation address to the Russian parliament, RIA Novosti reported.

“Some are disingenuously using pseudo-democratic rhetoric and would like to put the clock back — some, to continue plundering our national wealth as they did in the past, robbing the people and state, and others to deprive our country of its economic and political independence,” the president said.

Putin said “a growing inflow of funds from abroad” is being used to “interfere in our domestic affairs” by stirring up interethnic and religious strife.

Putin asked the Federal Assembly to expedite passage of tougher penalties for “extremist actions.” Russian law prohibits the use of foreign funds for political purposes.

Tuesday, April 24, I read Russian President Vladimir Putin declaring Wednesday a national day of mourning to coincide with the funeral of the country’s first president, Boris Yeltsin.

The funeral service for Yeltsin, who died Monday, will be conducted by three Russian Orthodox Metropolitans in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, a spokesman for the Moscow Patriarchate told Interfax.

In a letter of condolence to the Yeltsin family, Putin praised Yeltsin’s accomplishments, Siberia News Online reported.

“Thanks to Yeltsin, Russia entered a whole new epoch,” Putin wrote. “He bequeathed a new democratic Russia, a free nation open to the world, in which power truly belongs to the people. We mourn with you.”

Friday, Feb. 2, I read that Russian President Vladimir Putin refused to name a successor at his annual news conference with the Russian and international press.

The two front-runners are First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov. Putin said the choice is not up to him, although he did say he expects the next president to follow his “trends,” The Guardian reported.

“There will not be a successor,” he said. “There will be candidates for the presidency.”

Polls show that voters are likely to follow Putin’s lead if he backs a candidate, the BBC said. He remains popular with the Russian electorate while his image abroad has dimmed because of alleged human rights violations in Chechnya, the killings of Russian reporters and his relations with neighboring countries.

Asked about his plans once he leaves office, Putin joked that he is a student of judo, not an athlete.

“I’m not planning to run away anywhere,” he said.

Wednesday, Dec. 6, I read that Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed to address the growing problem of racial, ethnic and religious tension in the country.

Putin said during a meeting with political party leaders that they should have a stated position on the issue, RIA Novosti reported Wednesday.

“It is evident that countering extremism is not only a state responsibility, although the state should address it first and foremost,” Putin said.

“Those who preach racial, national or religious hatred must know that their views will provoke an appropriate response,” he said.

Putin’s remarks followed rising violence in the country against foreigners with non-Slavic features. Human rights groups in Russia and around the world have warned in recent months that racist and xenophobic attitudes are spreading rapidly in the country.

cold_war_crisis.jpgThe president said the country should be sure that laws against extremist activity are absolutely clear and carry appropriate punishments.

“Those who preach racial, national or religious hatred must know that their views will provoke an appropriate response,” he said.

What I do not read, is any appropriate answer from Europe to Putin’s uninterrupted discourse of hatred. Solely Washington found muscleplay with loy an anti-missile system on the outer marches of the old Soviet empire, and Poland hastily offering it’s grounds are detectable as reactions to Moscow’s late political course. Is the world driving into Cold War II while Russia is facing another “Autumn of the Patriarch“?


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April 26, 2007 at 3:04 pm

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