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what i read, and what i don’t… fri 20 april 2007: Three people were killed at the Zirve publishing house in Malatya

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Three people were killed at a publishing house that distributes bibles in the latest attack apparently targeting the tiny Christian minority in Turkey, the news do tell. malatya.jpg

The victims were found wednesday, april 18, with their throats slit and their hands and legs bound at the Zirve publishing house in Malatya, a city in eastern central Turkey. One was alive when found but died later in hospital, said the local governor, Ibrahim Dasoz.

Two of the victims were Turkish and one was a German who had lived in Malatya since 2003. Eckart Cuntz, the German ambassador to Turkey, said he was shocked. “Even if the exact circumstances of the crime are not yet known, I most strongly condemn this brutal crime,” he said.

A man who jumped from a window to escape suffered head injuries and underwent surgery. Police detained four suspects, and believe that the man who jumped was one of the attackers, said Mr Dasoz.

The Zirve publishing house had been the focus of previous protests by nationalists, who accused it of proselytising – inducing someone to convert from their faith. Turkey is 99 per cent Muslim but it is officially a secular country.

Hamza Ozant, Zirve’s general manager, told CNN-Turk that employees had recently been threatened, but could not say by whom.

Four arrested men did acknowledge to have commited the crime for fundamentalist reasons.

So far about the facts. Anything else is speculative, it is wildly speculative and no logical fallacy is spared in order to exploit the facts for political goals.

Turkey: CNN-Turk television reported that the manner in which the victims were bound suggested the attack could have been the work of a local Islamist militant group, commentators said, and that police were investigating the possible involvement of Turkish Hizbollah – the Kurdish Islamic group that aims to form a Muslim state.

It emphasizes that Malatya is known as a hotbed of nationalists, and is the hometown of Mehmet Ali Agca, who shot the late Pope John Paul II in 1981. — I wonder what kind of conclusive bondage evidence that might be!

Minister of Foreign Affairs Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) and politicians of other parties declare their shock and demand relentless reconnaisance of the case from Turkish officialities. — I wonder, what those politicians would say, would Turkish government would have demanded the same about the Kurnaz case and Mr. Steinmeier’s role in it!

While Mrs. Merckel’s government is known to oppose Turkey joining the EU, the official press dwells on the fact that among the victims one was of German provenance – a 43 years old male individual, working in Malatya as a translator. They find that the scene reminds not just of a horrible crime, but of an execution [sic]. — I wonder which actual state does practice death penalty through throat cutting!

Together with Turkish human right’s activists, German clergy men, like bishop Huber in Berlin, are jumping to yet another non sequitur: as last year a catholic priest has been killed in Trabzon, and armenian-turkish journalist Hrant Dink has been shot to death on jan. 19 this year, christians in Turkey are endangered by a political establishment that encourages covertly anti-christian violence (referring to police officers who took pictures with Dink’s assumed killer Ogön Samast). Bishop Huber stated that spreading the world of the bible to someone else, must never be a reason to threaten health and lives of anybody. — Despite the fact that there is hardly any reason justifying murder, and despite the fact that christian preaching in Turkey is not evidently endangered by the presence of one German among victims of a murder, it seems further like the shocked bishop did overlook his own recent difficulties in dealing with those who try spreading the word of the al qu’ran in Germany.

The poorer the facts, the more everybody seems to feel invited to mould a murder in such a way that it might best seve his own interests. Now, if that is not cynism!


Written by huehueteotl

April 20, 2007 at 3:33 pm

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