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what i read, and what i don’t… sun, 1 april 2007:18-year-old college student dies of alcohol poisoning

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I read: 18-year-old college student dies of alcohol poisoning

LAWRENCE, N.J., March 31 (UPI) — Students at a New Jersey university got a lesson this week on the potential dangers of drinking when an 18-year-old freshman died of alcohol poisoning.

Gary DeVercelly Jr. of Long Beach, Calif., was remembered Saturday at a memorial service at Rider University.

“Unfortunately, it takes something like this sometimes to think about what they do on campus at parties and their choices in life,” freshman Matt Freedman told the Times of Trenton before the service.

DeVercelly died Friday morning at a hospital in Trenton after he passed out at the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity house early Thursday morning. He had text-messaged his girlfriend in California Wednesday, telling her he expected to drink an entire bottle of Absolut Citron, the fraternity’s “family drink.”

Friends said DeVercelly, who was at Rider on an academic scholarship, was not normally a heavy drinker.

“He is the last person I would have thought this would happen to,” said Andrew Coates, a friend in California. “He was the designated driver most of the time. He was a good kid that everyone could count on.”

I read: 16-year-old dies of alcohol intoxication.

Freitag, 30. März. 2007, 09:48 Uhr: 33 Tage rang Tom* (16) mit dem Tod. Gestern um 1.25 Uhr verlor er den Kampf. Das Herz des Jungen, der sich mit 52 Tequilas ins Koma soff, hörte auf zu schlagen. Die Polizei prüft jetzt, ob der Barbesitzer oder Lokalgäste Mitschuld am Tod haben. Nach seinem Alkoholexzess war Tom ins Virchow-Klinikum eingeliefert worden – mit 4,8 Promille. Er lag über Wochen im Koma und kam nie wieder zu sich. Der Fall sorgte bundesweit für Schlagzeilen.

effects_of_alcohol.jpgTwo tragic deaths – one in the U.S., one in Germany – of youngsters after intoxication with a substance that is to be found in every possible form in the shelves of every supermarket, and both in countries that pride themselves for their rigorous anti-drug-legislation. In both states, alcohol, as well as tobacco products, whether manufactured domestically or imported from abroad, are not only legally sold, but are subject to tobacco and alcohol tax too. Alcohol taxes have not increased in decades and their value has dwindled with inflation. Dormant tax rates have also contributed to a gradual and substantial decline in the price of alcoholic beverages. In both states anyway, these revenues take on even more importance these days, as both countries struggle to overcome budget deficits.

Drinking, even among underage persons, aside from providing a source of new revenue, correlates with traffic-crash fatalities and certain crimes, as well as alcohol-related health problems such as cirrhosis.

At the same time, production, distribution and consumption of cannabis that contains more than 0,2 % of THC is forbidden in both countries. as well as in all European states.

I do not want to delve into the historical origins of the anti-hemp-war going on for decades now. But is it not amazing that two societies do not mind to even benefit from substantial legal sales of a potentially deadly drug raiding at the same time against another, sparing neither wrath nor tax money, despite the fact that there is no death record due to cannabis overdose. ?


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April 1, 2007 at 3:55 pm

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  1. This is terrible.


    January 20, 2010 at 8:11 pm

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