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LX Ubuntu or WW Vista,

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Microsoft promises to wow people who are upgrading from Windows XP to its new operating system, but there seems to be always a little bit of pain in a little bit of joy with Windows Vista.

A reasonably working four-year-old PC might have trouble coping with Vista, not least because of its wheezing graphics card, even added memory, second hard disk, extra USB ports and a Wifi card etc. Hence better consult the Microsoft’s Vista Upgrade Advisor.

800MHz processor
512Mb memory
DirectX9 capable graphics processor
1GHz processor
1Gb memory
128Mb graphics memory
40Gb hard drive
Internet access

Plus you might need the following:
– new graphics card with at least 128MB memory;
– new software for network card, to sync PDA with Outlook and to make good use of evtl. multimedia keyboard;
– new Antivirus software.
– and a few more minor items.

Finding new hardware might turn out to be tricky, as most shopping websites were useless in providing information on Vista compatibility. Still, here is the dirty little secret of all the expensive PC helpers out there. Upgrading hardware is p*** easy:

fit new hardware into the slots that come with your computer and do not overburden its power supply. Anything els is usually just about carefully lifting out the old and slotting in the new piece of kit. Do check the manual, though, to see whether you need to install the driver software for your new equipment before or after putting it in.

I had read somewhere that a Vista installation would take 20 minutes. User forums mention three-and-a-half hours of churning, to upgrade from Windows XP though. And this is just the dawn of at least one day of anguish.

But how about internet? webcam? sound card? keyboard’s software? iTunes? Sync Outlook to PDA (Microsoft has decided that Vista will work only with Pocket PC 2003 and higher.)?
Behind it all the somewhat arrogant covert MS philosophy: “people using the latest Desktop [operating system] would also be using later devices as well.”

To Vista or not to Vista

Before finding yourself caught in the Vista trap, think twice. Here is a comprehensive list of Vista complaints:

The Windows “sidebar” may look nicer than Google desktop, but it crashes regularly and infuriates me because its “gadgets” can not be customised.

Vista itself crashes – and after 6 years of development that really shouldn’t happen.

And everywhere I look, there are blogs and forums full of people who have problems with software drivers and suffer the poor customer support of the hundreds of hardware and software vendors that make up the Windows ecosystem.

Is this what you really want?

If your answer is no, you have two options:

Wait for half a year until the driver issues are settled and then buy a new PC.

Look for alternatives, that is what I did…

Ten reasons why I fell for Ubuntu:

1) Because Ubuntu is so popular, it becomes even more popular. (YouTube came up pretty much the same way.)
2) With Ubuntu, hardware support is added within days of the hardware coming out, due to its large user base.

3) Its ease of use.

4) Easy to install, a DVD – that’s it.

5) The package manager in Ubuntu makes finding free Open Source software so easy that even your grandmother could do it. Not only will the package manager download the package for you, but it will also install it for you.

6) Its community. The Ubuntu community is always there to help beginners with any problems that they might encounter on their first Linux experience, and I did (ab)use it a lot.

7) Ubuntu by default comes with a complete set of tools that you need for your day to day use, for example (here i am mentioning the name of their windows counterpart for easy identification)- photoshop, media players, MS office, simple games, firefox, outlook express etc, all the linux varients of them are as good as the windows one if not better. And all for free.
8) Ubuntu has great media support. From video to music, Ubuntu comes pre-loaded with all the programs you need to watch and listen to your media.

9) I am ashamed to tell: but the Ubuntu graphics are sexy.

10) Linux doesn’t have problems in having other operating systems in your system, so you can always dual boot initially.

For those who don’t know what i am talking about, Ubuntu is a Linux Distribution, and Linux is an Operating System, and Operating System is the most essential software on your computer, another example of it is Windows (s. a.)

Ten years ago I considered Linux “geek ONLY” operating system or something for kids who have nothing better to do. Ubuntu 6.06 has grown from a David to a Goliath himself. Better filesystem, higher security (i just love the File Access Permission System in them) and … I really got addicted to linux way of life.

By the way, let me make one thing clear: I don’t have any problems with Microsoft or Bill Gates, I love in general Microsoft’s hardware and gadgets.


Written by huehueteotl

March 3, 2007 at 4:01 am

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  1. Good write up! I agree with many of your points. Wrote my own little blurb about the switch yesterday.

    Kevin Kethcart

    January 21, 2009 at 5:54 pm

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